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North America Retiree Requests

Please direct all HR requests such as death notifications, pension payment inquiries, and W2/1099-R questions to the HRSC at:

FMC Corporation
Attn:  HR Service Center
801 PrincetonSouth Corporate Center
Ewing, NJ 08628
Phone:  1-888-362-4448, Option 1 (Toll-free)
Fax:  1-866-917-3252 (Toll-Free)
Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Please direct questions pertaining to medical and benefit coverage to FMC Benefits at: 

Phone:  1-866-785-8979
Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 EST

FMC Forms for Current Retirees:
W-4P Tax Withholding Form

Employment and Income Verification Requests
The HR Service Center completes all employment and income verification requests for FMC.  We do not provide any information over the telephone.  Please direct all written employment verification (including re-verification) requests to the HR Service Center via fax, e-mail, or regular mail at:

FMC Corporation
Attn: HR Service Center
801 PrincetonSouth Corporate Center
Ewing, NJ 08628

Fax: 1-866-917-3252


Other Requests
If you are a former employee with FMC and are seeking pension commencement, please contact FMC Pension Services at:

Phone:   1-866-798-3157
Monday through Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 EST

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